ADC recommendations for Wild Rift patch 4.1b

Understanding the meta is essential to climbing the ranked ladder. Players can create a winning strategy by tailoring their selections and bans in accordance with the strongest picks, whether they are for the Legendary Queue or the standard ranked queue.

Here are the top three ADC choices for Wild Rift patch 4 to aid players in doing that.1. Playing or banning these picks is almost always a good call, as they’re simply incredibly powerful in the current patch. This rings espeically true for players maining the duo or adc lane.


This demon slaying marksman, or markswoman, is undeniably broken. She received a buff to her second ability, which essentially allows her to buff up her attack speed. Additionally, this buff drove her into OP territory because her main kit significantly relies on attack speed.

Understanding the meta is essential for success in ranked queues.

Don’t expect that playing her will lead to quick victories. Although she remains one of the most challenging champions in the game, mastering the choice is highly rewarding. In addition, the champion is a lot of fun, which substantially improves the fun factor of playing Wild Rift. Just watch out for Vayne’s opponents, like Varus and Ashe. So long as Vayne isn’t completely countered, she’s capable of scaling into a late game monster.


It’s honestly surprising the developers haven’t nerfed the cannon wielding yordle yet. She’s been broken for a while, and like Vayne, Tristana from Wild Rift scales into a hyper-carrying monster late in the game.

Try to wave clear as much as you can during the laning phase, and anytime an enemy comes within range, use her third ability to deal damage to them. Just be careful of overcommitting when playing Tristana. She does have a jump, but always be certain of the risks when rocket jumping in as the Yordle. A mistimed jump is easily punishable, while a well timed one snowballs the game.

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Unlike the other two picks on this list, Caitlyn starts the game off very strong. Her purpose is not to play it safe during the laning phase, which is Tristana’s and Vayne’s major objective. Instead, she should bully the enemy laners as best as possible.

Her long range and poke potential is rather absurd. And if she’s capable of bullying out the enemy duo laners, or the enemy ADCs, she’s capable of turning team fights in her favor during the early to mid game. But one thing to be wary of is — if Caitlyn falls behind, it takes a while for her to catch back up. Therefore, it’s imperative to always be one step ahead of the opposition while juggling aggressive play with safe posture.

In conclusion

Another notable pick would be Wild Rift Twitch, who is a monster at bullying amateur players. But as he lacks the mobility and peel potential to fight off heavy damage threats, the rat is rather simple to control for those who know how to play against him.

Picking the right Wild Rift ADC pick is super important to managing team fights.

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